Monday, October 20, 2014

How to Fit In Your Yoga

I wrote this blog post for the Illuminations Blog at Aurorae Yoga. Check out their website for quality and affordable yoga products, giveaways, and yoga tips! 

Life is busy. It seems there are always going to be lots of things to do, lots of work to get done, and not a lot of time to do it all. However, there are things worth making time for; one vitally important such thing is your health and wellbeing.

As most people now know, yoga has so, so, so many health benefits. To take in the most benefits, most people think you should practice around 3 times a week. We know that can be hard to fit in, so here are some tips on how to fit in your yoga practice:

-Plan ahead! At the beginning of each week, get out your calendar and take a look at your upcoming week. Find where you have openings in your schedule (an hour at lunch, 30 minutes in the morning, after work before dinner plans, etc.). Then, take a look at the class schedule at your favorite studio and fill in from there. Most studios have online sign-up systems that will allow you to sign up ahead of time; go ahead and sign up for your weekly classes! This is an awesome way commit to your classes and set yourself up for a healthy week!

-But be flexible. As much as planning ahead is awesome and efficient, it’s also important to be a flexible yogi (of body and spirit!). If you planned to attend a 7am yoga class but wake up with a horrible headache, maybe skip your workout and relax with some tea and a guided meditation on youtube instead. You might feel better later and be able to attend an evening class, or maybe not! This self awareness and self love is part of practicing your yoga in a different way than the physical movements; these are all a part of the internal practice of yoga.

-Pack a bag. When I am going from work to yoga and then back to work again, I need to be prepared or else my plans will fall apart. I always pack my Aurorae Sling Backpack when heading out for the day. I pack my yoga clothes, my mat, a towel, a snack (or 5), and some self love essentials such as makeup, hair accessories, and some lavender oil sprays to make myself smell nice if I don’t have time to shower after class. With my bag handy I always know I have the essentials I need to make my yoga happen.

-Bring a friend. There is something wonderful about sharing yoga with others. Whether it’s a romantic partner (attending a yoga class together and then grabbing a bite to eat would be the best first date ever, right?) or a close friend, or just a co-worker, going with someone else makes it more exciting and might make you more accountable to show up!